2021 Veterans Day Parade

What a great time, weather, and fellowship. Not only with our fellow submarine shipmates but we got to meet 4 officers and 4 enlisted sailors from the USS Laboon (DDG-58). We had a great time at the German club with them and we are looking forward to the Captains invitation to come visit them once they are out of the shipyard. Welcome aboard USS Laboon. Photos from the parade and German club are available in our online base library.


USS Idaho Support Fundraiser

Thank You, to everyone who has helped us reach our initial goal of $10,000.
Our fundraising efforts are going so well that we decided to increase the goal to 15,000.
We are Submariners and by nature, we are over achievers.
Keep it up. The crew and their families appreciate the support.

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Memorial Day 2021

It was GREAT to be out with the crew once again. We tolled the bells for those submarines and submariners lost while serving this great nation. Let us not forget all those who gave their life in the line of duty so that we may enjoy our freedoms.

CLICK HERE to go to the photo gallery.

October Base Meeting

WOW, that is all I can say.

A few of us stayed after the meeting for some socialization and adult beverages. When all of a sudden in comes Frank Lambiase and his nephew Gene. Frank was a WWII tank commander serving in the 13th armored division, 3rd battalion, under General Patton. Frank recently celebrated his 97th year and lives in New Castle. It was an HONOR to speak with Frank. We extended an invitation to Frank to attend our Christmas celebration with hopes that he can share his stories and talk to some fellow WWII veterans.



Memorial Day 2019

Some of the crew enjoying the hospitality of VFW Post 331 in Carnegie. I can’t say enough good things about this post.


Captured Moments


Boats Lost