The Department of Pennsylvania is accepting applications for the Pennsylvania United States Submarine Veterans Specialty License Plate.

Only form MV-904SP (7-23) can be used. This is the ONLY form that will be accepted. Do Not Use ANY previous versions.

Fee Structure:
Organization Fee = $15.00
PennDOT Standard Fee = $32.00
PennDOT Personalization Fee = $128.00

Application Checklist:

* You must be a current member of the United States Submarine Veterans. Your membership will be confirmed during the application process.
* You will be issued the next number in the sequence unless you select the Personalization option.
* If you personalize, complete part A & D.
* If you take the next number in sequence complete part A.
* Print completed (or print and complete) form and sign part E

Send one check in the amount of $47.00 for each plate, plus $2.00 for each extra registration card.
If selecting Personalization, the fee is $175.00 for each plate, plus $2.00 for each additional card.

Make your check payable to the USS Requin Base for the full amount due.
Mail application form and check to:

USS Requin Base
Attn: Joseph J. Campisi
1300 Hodgkiss Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Applications are verified and forwarded to PENNDOT as they are received. Applications sent directly to PENNDOT or the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be returned without processing.

Email questions regarding the status of your application to: Joe Campisi <>