Requin Base Executive Board Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2020


Voting Members Present:  Lee Bookwalter, Huey Dietrich, Jeff Simon, Carl Stigers

Non-Voting Members Present: Joe Campisi, Chad Underkoffler, Lou Hamill, Bat Masterson , Vince Metz, Rick Elster

Topics Discussed:

  • Base Budget: As required in the Requin Base By-Laws, the following budget for 2019 was approved by the Executive Board.  All other significant expenditures will be brought to the membership at monthly meetings.

Activity                                                          Expenditure

Boat Sponsorship                                               $210.00

Website Hosting (3 yr)                                       $323.64

Base Website Domain Name                             $16.00

Eagle Scouts                                                        $300.00

Scholarship (Eternal Patrol)                              $400.00

USS Requin Memorial Service                         $500.00

Holland Club pins                                                 $70.00

Holland Club Donation                                       $76.00

Guest Speakers (gifts)                                        $100.00

Loyalty Pins                                                        $160.00

Advertising (Veterans Day, etc.)                      $525.00

SVD & Office Expenses                                  $3600.00

American Legion VFW Xmas Gift                  $200.00

Insurance (via National paid thru 2021)            $0.00

Christmas Party                                                $1000.00

Nautilus float expenses                                     $150.00

Total:              $7630.64

  • Meeting Locations: The practice of holding one meeting per quarter at a location other than Baden PA will continue this year.  March meeting will be at American Legion Post 902 in Houston PA.  June meeting will be at American Legion Post 290 in Columbiana OH.  August meeting will be in Freeport PA.  October meeting will be in New Castle PA.
  • Projects: Eagle Scout courts of honor, loyalty pin program, Kap(ss)4Kid(ss) program, Eternal Patrol Scholarship donations, honor Holland Club inductees, and Memorial Day service onboard Requin, Pearl Harbor day.
  • Advertising: Recommendations are needed for media other than local newspapers.
  • Parades: Patrick’s Day on March 16 in Pittsburgh, Carnegie on May 24 following memorial service onboard Requin, Sewickley and Coraopolis on May 25.  Possible parades in Leetsdale or Canonsburg on July 4, in New Castle on October 17, and in Pittsburgh on Veterans Day.
  • Fund Raisers: Parades, candy sales, 40-40-20 raffle, Booster Club donations, small stores sales, and challenge coin sales will continue this year.  Candy sales and additional raffles will support Kap(ss)4Kid(ss) and Eagle Scout programs unless seller designates otherwise.
  • Special Activities: USS Pittsburgh decommissioning Bremerton WA on January 16-20, Pearl Harbor Day on December 7 and visit to Cod Base in Cleveland Ohio. Possible visit to Gettysburg PA.
  • Committee Co-Chairmen: Eagle Scouts (Vince Metz), Audit (Rick Elster), Navy Ball (Rick Elster), Nautilus Float (Jeff Simon).
  • Base Position Needed: Awards Chairman, Active Duty Go-Between, Requin Sailors Go-Between, Photographer, Chief of the Boat), Holland Club Chairman, Eagle Scouts Backup
  • Miscellaneous Topics:
    1. Members where dues were waved
    2. Members dropped for base
    3. Members on Eternal Patrol in 2019
    4. New members
    5. Base Life Membership
    6. Christmas meeting expenses